Exclusive Online Distribution solution for the travel industry

With over 20,000+ hotels worldwide, 133 cities and still growing . . .
全球共有 20,000 余家酒店,遍布 133 个城市,并且仍在不断扩展…

With Globilo’s dedicated team of travel industry professionals hand-picked for their expertise and scrupulous attention to detail, Globilo offers a complete range of services with the best available rate. All aspects of travel including transfers, sightseeing tours, hotel accommodation, leisure groups and package tours are provided and supervised by highly qualified and experienced managers who fully understand the needs of a traveler.
Globilo 严格遴选专业技能优秀且注重细节的专业人才,组建旅游行业特别团队,致力于以最优的价格提供完整全面的服务。高素质的公司经理职业丰富经验,熟知旅客的各种需求,可为旅客提供并监督各环节旅行服务,包括中转、观光、酒店住宿、组团休闲及跟团旅行。

Globilo specializes hotels with instant confirmation and has large inventories especially in different parts of Thailand, Vietnam, Macau and Hong Kong.
Globilo 专注合作能够提供即时确认的酒店,并且拥有充足酒店资源,尤其是在泰国、越南、澳门及香港的不同地区。

Although personal touch is vital, Globilo recognized the need of sophisticated technology in order to operate at the optimum efficiency. Globilo is fully web-based, USER friendly, and has instant documentation for all your bookings.
Globilo 既重视人工服务,同时又注重采用先进技术实现最佳运行效率。Globilo 拥有健全的网络运营基础,用户体验友好,所有预订均可即时提供单据。

Part of our success comes from our knowledge but we also recognize the wonderful support of our business partners worldwide. We look forward to welcoming you as our business partner.